How does it work?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Make the request for your preferred currency for participation in the race.
  2. The HTS team will review the project in depth and ensure it meets listing standards.
  3. If your request is successful, the race will start. Each coin has it’s own journey to 10000 HTS.
  4. Anyone can vote, just send the desired amount of HTS (1 HTS = 1 vote) to the designated address and insert the TX ID which you can find on the HTS explorer.
  5. Awaiting confirmations, the system will automatically update status after 5 Network confirmations.

Does your coin have what it takes to win? Let's find out together! Buy HTS now and vote for your favorite coin to be listed next on HotDex.

Which community will win the next HotDex listing? Let’s find out!

Good Luck to all participants!

Frequently Ask Questions
Whether you are from a team of a coin or just a community member it doesn't matter. Anyone can apply for their favourite coin to be listed for voting.
Just simply fill out the "Request Form" with the correct information, and submit.
Yes, all the information and list applications are verified by the team and they are added in the voting list.
It may take upto 24 hours to verify the provided information and approve the coin in the voting list.
No, the voting application is free of charge.
You may submit as many votes as you want. The number of votes depends on the number of HTS you send to the specified HTS address for your favorite coin. (Eg: 1 HTS = 1 Vote)
The TOP 5 most voted coins will be added in the Hotdex for trading.
The vote counts depend on the HTS address balance. So, it might take up to 10 confirmations or block generations for HTS.